TBLOCK SIGN E-commerce service

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    Higher work
    efficiencyand Cost

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    Comply with
    latest legislation

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    remote work



A useful tool for Higher work efficiency and Cost reduction by reducing person-hours

There are 2 easy steps to conclude e-contract and transfer data; register and send documents. TBLOCK SIGN is possible to achieve cost reduction of revenue stamp, post, printing, custody, person-hours. Since long-term storage and management of documents is simplified, you can prevent from losing and overlooking them. TBLOCK SIGN can use for transfer of quotations, purchase orders, order conformations, acceptance certificates, invoices besides e-contract.

Higher work efficiency and Cost reduction


Improving operational services which comply with the Japanese latest legislation

Legislation relating to e-contract and e-commerce may possibly be enacted and revised in Japan. It is necessary to deal with the latest legislation with speed and flexibility to conduct electronic transaction which is legally binding. We attempt to keep up with their trends and provide optimum service in the cloud e-commerce.

Comply with latest legislation


Concluding contracts smoothly during remote working

You do not need to go to the office to affix your seal as you are able to conclude a contract and transfer a document online. TBLOCK SIGN with high security enhance remote work to be used from your home, office, outside or anywhere you like. Therefore, this service makes you more efficiency and productivity.

Promote remote work

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