Microsoft Gold
We are an authorized Microsoft
Gold Competency Partner in 2 sectors

Microsoft Partner

As Microsoft has recognized our excellent technical skills, expertise, and introduction accomplishments, and as proof of our high-class ability, we have been authorized as a “Microsoft Gold Competency Partner.”

We have been authorized in the 2 sectors of “Gold Cloud Platform,” as a partner with an excellent track record in deploying Microsoft Azure, and “Gold Cloud Productivity,” as a partner with an excellent track record in deploying Office 365.


    A partner with an
    excellent track record in
    deploying Microsoft Azure


    A partner with an
    excellent track record in
    deploying Office 365

Introduced to over 500 companies –
Introduced over 400,000 accounts

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  • No. of Accounts


    (Current as of January 1, 2019)

Our Microsoft solutions are utilized by more than 400,000 people in over 500 companies, domestically and internally, and including corporate groups that are well known in Japan. As a Microsoft authorized Licensing Solution Partner (LSP) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we plan and propose the optimal solution service according to the corporation’s requests and challenges. We also provide all license programs sold by Microsoft (excluding license programs sold directly by Microsoft).

Our 11 office bases worldwide also
support introduction to global companies

We have established offices in 11 bases worldwide, for a system that can support introduction in all regions and countries. For this reason, we have gained a great deal of support from global companies worldwide.

As we have specialized staff residing at each base for a quick response, we can provide not only solution services on a broad scale for all regions, but also receive payment in various national currencies.

Your one-stop support for
PC life cycle management

By utilizing the Toyota Tsusho group’s network, we can provide total support for the PC and license’s life cycle. As it is possible to consistently provide services, from licensing and hardware specification review through procurement, operational support, overseas expansion, and reuse/recycling, a low-cost and efficient PC life cycle management can be realized.
We offer customized service and support, including a proposal plan that’s a collaboration between the licensing and the device, kitting, system construction, asset management, etc., based on the customers’ request and the corporate situation.