If you are planning to introduce our services, please contact us using the “Contact Page” on this website. You can contact us either by email (website form), or by telephone.


02Inspection - Issues Analysis

Our sales representatives and engineers will make a visit, and get an understanding of the issues the customer faces as well as the system being considered for introduction. You do not need to have decided a system planned for introduction – just a vague idea of what you want, and your issues are fine.

Inspection - Issues Analysis

03Proposal - Estimate

Based on our understanding of the situation, we will propose the optimal solution service for your corporation. Regarding the service content and budget, we may make appropriate adjustments based on the customers requests, and may make several proposals.

Proposal - Estimate

04Receiving the Order

If you are satisfied with the suggested service, we will proceed with the formal order and procedures. Please fill out our specified order form (or license contract in the case of licensing), and the contract will be officially concluded.

Receiving the Order

05System Construction

Based on the requests at the time of the hearing, we will determine the specific system requirements to be constructed, and implement system construction. We will verify things in advance ahead of the delivery.
*This is not a part of the licensing process.

System Construction

06Delivery - Operation Explanation

As soon as the system construction and verification are completed, we will deliver an explanation of the usage method as well as necessary documents. We can also provide briefings and manuals for administrators upon request.

Delivery -  Operation Explanation


We will charge for the initial introduction fees and initial license usage fees, etc., after delivery and inspection. The billing method is bank transfer only, in accordance with the invoice.
*This may change depending on the services used, so please confirm the details with one of our agents.


08Maintenance (Support) -

Please contact our sales representative if there are changes in the number of licenses, change in contract contents, or things unclear about usage after introduction. Either we or the manufacturer will provide problem-solving support.

Maintenance (Support) - <br>Operation