The current state of affairs across the globe has become uncertain and unpredictable, especially in this rapidly changing economic environment. Significant changes are occurring throughout all industries, even the automobile/IT industry has experienced these effects. To keep up with all the rapid change, global competition is intensifying.
For our customer to continue to constantly grow stronger, we strive to provide our valuable services. Our unique and irreplaceable solutions will ensure that we will “Be the Right ONE”.
We will help our customer realize their vision; rapidly transforming their ideas into tangible results on a global scale. Through personalized consultation with our customer, we will work hard to reduce cost and implement digital transformation for their businesses.
In this era, technology is continuously evolving and thus, transformative innovation is a must. We will continue to be a corporate group that leads the IT industry through this constant evolution that has become the basis of the prosperous society the world has become.

President and CEO

Norihito Ohigashi

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