Providing cloud service for the chemical substances in products solution “iPCA”


Contribution to the digital transformation (DX) of chemical substances in products operation throughout the supply chain


Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS) has started to provide iPoint’s chemical substances in products solution “iPoint Compliance Agent” (iPCA), based on the partnership agreement with iPoint-systems gmbh (iPoint) signed in September last year.

In addition, TTS is planning to provide “iPCA Cloud Service” (tentative name), which is a cloud service of iPCA, aiming for release around the summer of 2021.

Through the provision of iPCA and iPCA Cloud Service, TTS will contribute to the digital transformation (DX) of chemical substances in products operations throughout the supply chain.


About managing chemical substances in products

Chemical substance management has been recognized as an important issue related to the global environment and has been incorporated into the efforts of SDGs, which are becoming more important as a social responsibility of global companies. In addition, many product-containing chemical substance regulations, such as the REACH regulation and the RoHS directive, pose issues that must be addressed not only by the manufacturers of the final products on the market, but also by the entire supply chain.

There are two key points for proper management of chemical substances in products.

The first point is to grasp the composition information of the product and the chemical substance information linked to the BoM (Bills of materials) (what kind of substance is used in which part and how much). On top of that, it is necessary to have a system to check safety and legality in light of real-time regulatory rules required by laws and regulations.

The second point is to quickly collect appropriate chemical information from suppliers. Many products include parts purchased from the supplier, and the chemical substance information for that part is left to the supplier. By checking the integrity of the information created by the supplier at the time of acceptance, it is possible to shorten the lead time for recollection and collect appropriate chemical substance information.


About the chemical substances in products solution “iPCA”

The chemical substance in products solution "iPCA" has the following features in order to properly manage product-containing chemical substances.

1.   Equipped with a data transfer function corresponding to the world standard information transmission scheme, the accumulated information can be checked with the latest regulatory rules.

2.   Smooth information transmission within the supply chain is possible with "quality information on contained chemical substances" that has cleared the necessary checks and a standard information transmission scheme.

3.   It is possible to automate or semi-automate the work that used to take a lot of man-hours, such as follow-up when collecting information and linking with BoM, and significantly reduce the man-hours required.

With these features, it is possible to reduce the burden on various departments involved in the management of chemical substances in products and promote DX in the relevant business.


About iPoint-systems gmbh

iPoint, headquartered in Reutlingen, Germany, is a leader in environmental and social compliance and sustainability software and services. Recognized for its high quality, innovative and environmentally friendly customer-oriented solutions, services and achievements, it has won numerous awards, including Deloitte Tohmatsu's Technology Fast50 and Innovator Year.

iPoint is also an official member of the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) IT User Group.


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~ サプライチェーン全体における製品含有化学物質管理業務のDX推進に貢献 ~


豊田通商システムズ株式会社(以下、豊田通商システムズ)は、昨年9月に締結したiPoint-systems gmbh(以下、iPoint社)とのパートナーシップ契約に基づき、iPoint社の製品含有化学物質管理ソリューション「iPoint Compliance Agent」(以下、「iPCA」)の提供を開始しております。







第一のポイントは、その製品の構成情報、BoM(Bills of materials:部品表)にリンクした化学物質情報を把握する事(どの部位に、どんな物質を、どれだけ使用しているのか)です。その上で、法令などで要求されるリアルタイムの規制ルールに照らし、安全性や適法性をチェックする体制が必要となります。







1.  世界標準の情報伝達スキームに対応したデータ授受機能を備え、蓄積した情報を最新の規制ルールでチェック可能

2.  必要なチェックをクリアした『品質の良い含有化学物質情報』と標準的な情報伝達スキームで、サプライチェーン内のスムーズな情報伝達が可能

3.  情報収集時のフォローアップやBoMとの紐付けなど、これまで多くの工数を費やしていた作業を自動化もしくは半自動化し、大幅な対応工数削減が可能





iPoint社は、ECHA(European Chemicals Agency:欧州化学物質庁)ITユーザーグループの公式メンバーとしても活躍しています。





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