At Toyota Tsusho Systems, maintaining and promoting the health of our employees is one of our most important management tasks. In October, 2018, we announced our Health Declaration, which was released in addition to the existing Toyota Tsusho Group Health Declaration. We undertake health promotion measures based on our health management principles. In February, 2019, we were named a "Health Management Excellent Corporation 2019" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council), an award that recognizes corporations that practice good health management.

Toyota Tsusho Systems Health Declaration

Maintaining and promoting the health of our employees is one of our most important management tasks.
Take care of your health and make sure you have enough personal leisure time

~ Be sure to spend time with your family and enjoy your hobbies ~

  • ①Based on the Toyota Tsusho Group Health Declaration, we will work to raise health awareness among all employees and strive to maintain and promote employee health.
  • ②We will work to improve work-styles through ICT activities and provide support so that employees can use their time effectively.
  • ③By undertaking the above, employees will be able to enjoy time spent with their families and their hobbies. This will enrich employees in body and mind, and thus help them forge new ideas and create innovations.

Health Promotion System

In order to maintain the physical and mental health of employees and enable them to engage in their work with energy and enthusiasm, we appoint specialized occupational health staff (industrial physicians, public health nurses, clinical psychologists) and establish systems to support employee health, such as a health consultation office.

Health Checks

Employees are required to undergo regular health checkups, and we maintain a checkup rate of 100%. As a follow-up measure, we determine the employment field of the employee and provide health advice via industrial physicians or public health nurses in order to help improve the health condition of employees. In addition, as a countermeasure to metabolic syndrome, we work with the health insurance society to provide specialized health guidance.

Mental Health

We have been conducting stress checks since 2010, and have established a system in which employees can, with confidence and without concern, undertake the checks once a year. In additional to individualized support, we undertake group analysis and other measures in order to provide health promotion support.

FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Checkup rate 94.2% 97.7% 94.1%

Overwork Countermeasures

We have introduced a work-hours management system so that employees know how many hours they are working. For those working long hours, we provide consultations with industrial physicians and act to prevent negative health impacts. Furthermore, we continually strive to reduce overtime hours and encourage the use of paid leave, as well as focusing on promoting work-style improvements.

Paid leave usage rate Annual average overtime Consultation rate for those working long hours
FY2020 60.5% 26.05H 100%
FY2021 64.5% 28.52H 100%
FY2022 78.3% 25.57H 100%


In 2016 we launched the Genki PROJECT with the goal of keeping employees healthy in mind and body. Activities aimed at raising health awareness amongst employees include a health portal site, health experience seminars, walking challenges, and more.

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