Hello everyone. My name is Osawa, who has been appointed President Director since April 2022.
Presently, Digital Transformation (DX) is bringing rapid changes to the industry, and a time of major structural revolution is now upon us. As such, the business environment surrounding our customers and our company are undergoing significant changes, including main business area, IT. We will consider these changes in the environment as both a risk and an opportunity, bringing new ideas and actions to provide our values as an irreplaceable partner for customer. Nevertheless, we will never forget the DNA of Toyota Tsusho Group, the "Toyotsu Group Way," namely Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu (On site, Hands on, In touch); Team Power. In other words, we must work together as one in the way like Toyota Tsusho and Toyota Tsusho Systems always do, and aim to be a company that creates new value and contributes to the creation of a prosperous society.
Under the slogan of “Providing new value with IT” and , we will strive to be a business-producing company that will continue to be irreplaceable to our employees, society, and above all, our customers.

President Director

Mitsune Osawa

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