If someone asked me "What kind of company is TTS-E" I would tell them:
"TTS-E is a company whose members are continuously trying to solve customer issues"
Since our establishment in 2006 TTS-E has been providing IT solutions and support to Toyota Motor and it's affiliated companies across Europe. In this ever changing environment we are constantly improving ourselves to adapt and provide the best value to our customers.
To achieve our targets all our members follow 4 core values:
Flexibility We strive to provide opportunities and solutions
Connection We build bridges between people
Courage We’re never afraid to do what’s right
Family We are a family wherever we go
With these values in mind our members will always do their best to find innovative solutions for our customers. In addition to our regional team we strongly collaborate with the global TTNI team located across 7 countries and Toyota Tsusho Group in Japan to provide the latest IT technology and services.
As part of our approach we always encourage our customers to "KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY".
With this spirit we look forward to hearing from all customers,

Managing Director

Atsushi Mori

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