Living and prospering together with people, society and the globe, and making a difference through our ICT business activities


“Creating value, with passion and dedication”


As a good corporate citizen,

  • We will strive for open and fair corporate activities

  • We will be socially responsible and strive for the conservation of the environment

  • We will be creative and strive to provide added value

  • We will respect people and strive to create an engaging workplace


  • The Right ONE for you

    The best assurance of safety, quality and reliability - based on your needs (Genba)

  • The Right ONE for us

    Maximization of individual capabilities, global networks and diversity to create synergistic strengths

  • The Right ONE for future

    Unique insights and capabilities to explore new possibilities for future and sustainable society


The Toyota Tsusho Group Way sets out values that all group executives and employees should share, and put into practice, to enable us to achieve our philosophy and vision.

Business spirit

  • The spirit of indomitability

    Tackle every job with pluck, perseverance and passion to get things done right

  • The spirit of enterprise

    Exercise ambition and imagination in anticipating trends, hone your perceptiveness in steering customers to new possibilities, and foster new functions and lines of business

“Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu” (On Site, Hands on, In touch)

  • Inquiring into the true needs of our customers

    Step out into the field (On Site), see things for yourself (Hands on), and grasp what is happening to render sound business judgments and to adapt your approach to real-world circumstances (In touch)

  • Putting PDCA into practice

    Look beyond the established wisdom in illuminating problems and in tackling improvements, reforms and transformations as circumstances warrant

Team power

  • Individual Initiative

    Set goals for yourself and work autonomously to achieve those goals, bring a sense of professionalism to your work, and strive continuously to hone your capabilities

  • Cooperation

    Nurture mutual trust with colleagues through dialogue, exchange and sensitivity, and pursue overall optimum solutions by encouraging each individual to assume a sense of personal commitment for work, while retaining open-minded flexibility, and to secure the participation of colleagues in tackling the work

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